Nekonection's goal is to become your new reference for importation of japanese cultural products. Our company is managed by Japan lovers and our mission is simple : promote and enhance access to the japanese culture in France and Europe.

We care about our « Neko » and your satisfaction is a priority. Nekonection is much more than just an online shop. We are also here to inform and give you advices. For this reason, it is very important to give you some references and provide you with information about some specific details before you place orders on our shop.


A misleading preconceived idea: Buy abroad is cheaper

Yes, but it only seems to be cheaper !
We had to opportunity to talk with many people during events in France.
Many of you didn't know that making purchases outside Europe means having to bear unexpected fees in addition to your order amout.
These are significant costs, like customs, taxes fees and other administration costs you have to pay upon delivery or even after delivery. As a result, you pay more than expected your order without really knowing why.

Shops abroad are not responsible for these extra costs, they will always be at your charge and are totally legal. Avoiding payment of these various fees is usually just a matter of luck. In the end, ordering the same products in France or Europe could have saved you money, although at first prices appear to be more expensive.

Over the past few years, we have noticed the strengthening of customs controls for packages coming from Japan. This is also a reason why we have created Nekonection.
We are our first customers and we were fed up with having to bear extra costs in addition to shipping fees for products difficult to find outside Japan. So we decided to use our skills in the import-export, customs fields and obviously in Japanese to implement solutions in order to limit as much as possible the fees for the customers.


No more concerns, we take care of everything

We are working with major japanese companies to offer you our cultural products. All our products are official and come directly from Japan.

At Nekonection no unpleasant surprises anymore ! All your orders are shipped from France. You will never ever pay more than your order amount. There are no unexpected customs fees and no administration costs. We take care of everything from your order confirmation to the shipping process.
Unfortunately, we can't keep this promise for Switzerland which is not a member of the European Union.

Our concept

Our shop is based on a new concept. Most of the products are delivered between 2 and 4 weeks. These business operations allows us to offer an unlimted choice of products and fulfill special request orders.

You will find on the shop, a selection of japanese cultural products updated regularly, but we have access to as many books, CDs and DVDs as there are in Japan!
You are looking for a novel, a manga and you can't find it on the shop, you want to buy the last single of your favourite artist, order a limited edition of an album or a DVD, this is possible and this service is totally free!



Excepted in some cases, Nekonection can't set freely the prices of the books, mangas, artbook and magazines. All the bookstores offline or online must set their prices according to the Lang Law n°81-766 relating to the fixed retail price system for the books. There are similar laws in the majority of the European countries and also in Japan.


You have to know that CDs and DVDs prices in Japan is very different than those found in France and Europe.
Some references to help you make your purchases:

1. A CD album, standard edition bought in a Japan store costs on average between 21 and 36€.
2. A DVD, standard edition between 34 and 68€
3. Japanese DVDs are compatible in France and Europe, we are in the region code 2. However for blu-rays you must have a compatible player (region code A). To buy blu-rays, make a special request order.

The selling prices of Japanese imported products should logically be higher. If you find cheaper than the prices above, there are 3 reasons :

1. This is counterfeit.
2. You are made to believe this is new whereas this is used.
3. Less common. The CD or DVD has an European version.


Delivery times are:

1. In stock products: 48h to France, 3 to 8 business days to Europe.
Free shipping for Android TV box.
2. Available and pre-orders products: you will always receive your order between the 7th and the 14th of the month, or the following month, according to the release date and the availability of the products in Japan. Refer to the product pages.
Your order will be shipped as soon as we receive all the products.

If your order contains in stock and available / pre-order products, you can select the option "send in stock products first" and refresh the cart page to update the shipping costs.

If you need more details please go to the secure payment and delivery page.


Congratulations, you have reached the end of the reading !
Now you have all the useful information to start your shopping with confidence on the shop.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, products that you want to find on the shop.
Nekonection is also evolving with you. We will be happy to answer to your messages.